Choose Happiness.


I really appreciate,your help ,I haven’t felt really positive in months,and now i feel like a boulder has been lifted.
I’m truly grateful for our divine encounter.

~ Angela


“Hi Qwania, I have to share this with you: A friend of mine, who is also a teacher like me, but in a government school, informed me that the Government of Delhi had started something called a happiness programme in every school. It is about having a five minute meditation session at the beginning of the day to be followed by a 30-35 minutes session on sharing of values to build the moral fabric of the society. Thank you. I firmly believe that the month of July is going to bring about a lot of positive changes. I believe.”

~ Chetan



“You help me so much so far. I mean I see things a lot differently you introduce the law of attraction to me and now I’m introducing it to my husband and my mother. And my mother is full-blown on top of it like her whole life changed because of me introducing her to the law of attraction.”

~ Julie



I want to thank you so much for being such an inspiration and for being unselfish, normally I would get frustrated and try to give up, but something in me keeps saying that everything is going to work out and that better is coming. I appreciate you

~ Carmen


“Hey, God is good
Thank you for being an amazing lady
Glad to know you. You have great purpose. Keep pushing sister.”

~ Katrina


“Hello and happy labor day. I hope all is well. I wanted to say thank you for all the information you take time to share with us. From the law of attraction tips to health, wellness and beauty. You are so very important. The work you do is priceless. My life has began to change on so many levels.
You inspired me to start to write again. You inspired me to write a poem. I dont know if you saw it before. But you are the inspiration behind it. Thank you so very much.

Bright is the light that shines on my path.
Dim is the path for my enemies wrath.
Plus dark clouds they cast, blow away and never last
As I everlast
Leads to my revelation and elevation
Soul lifted
Feeling gifted
My genie? My lord?
Message encrypted
Im optimistic
While on this mission
Never wishing
Never guessing
In place for my blessing
Its patient
Not latent
Im waiting
Congratulating and celebrating
The union
The communion
Im blooming
All seeing
All knowing
Illuminated glowing
Energy flowing

☺️😊😃”  – Batya