Give Yourself A Chance

I was sitting on my bed and found myself in deep thought. I looked up to see myself in the mirror and something was placed in my spirit.


Why have you not given yourself a chance?

I asked myself what could that possibly mean?

It came to me. We are born to our parents. We deal with their energy while being in the womb. Our health is in our mother’s hands while we grow for nine months.

We are birthed into many different circumstances and we begin to learn ,  “earth school”. We learn the ways of those around us. We become adults and our perspectives are based on what we haved learned over time.

This can cause blockages within you. For me, I dug deep and discovered why I self sabotaged myself so much. I had many fears that rooted from what I saw all my life. My situations began to reflect my childhood situations.

I had to break the cycle. I had to peel back the layers to find me. I am giving myself a chance to rediscover life from a place of love. I am pressing through my fears every day.

This is what we must do. You are not the beliefs of those who influenced you the most in your childhood. You are an adult now and are free to see things differently. Give your true self ( the kid who loves to discover) a chance for once.

Allow yourself to be calm when things seem to be going crazy. Allow yourself to acknowledge how you feel and where the fear roots from but observe and allow it to be. Dance with it and smile because something great is happening.

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