Prescription Medications and Your Health

Are you band-aiding what you should be healing from? Doing this can keep you in a low vibration state of being. In this place, you will attract more into your reality that reflect your state of being.

When medications are introduced into the body, the body must process these medications that do not support the natural functioning of the body, instead it suppresses symptoms just enough for you to continue to live in comfort, but this comes with the constant intake of prescription medications.

Why do I call it band-aiding?
Instead of addressing the root cause of the symptom, many choose to cover it up and place their hope in medications that were created to “treat” you but with a kicker- side effects.

You may die, you may experience upset stomach, you may experience dizziness, you may experience skin rashes. Side effects go on and on when it comes to prescription medications.

When we choose to band aid symptoms, we are choosing to ignore that what our body needs us to pay attention to. Our bodies can heal themselves- with our support. You can support this through your lifestyle choices.

Our cells work together to keep us alive and we must do the work to support the balance of the body or we will find ourselves on prescription medications to suppress the symptoms for the rest of our lives.

If you are taking any prescription medications, I encourage you to educate yourself on what is in the medication that could also be a contributing factor to your mental state. Many medications help you feel better in one area but creates another problem. This becomes a cycle.

You are then prescribed something for the side effects and before you know it, you are taking almost five pills a day. Your body has no idea what to do with that.

What do I suggest you do?

  • Find a doctor who will work with you on addressing the root cause instead of being so easy to write you a prescription.
  • Find a doctor who will encourage you and provide resources to help you get better rather than diagnosing you and sending you on your way.
  • Find a doctor that is aware of what is placed in the medications that they are prescribing you and the harmful effects it could have on you.
  • Watch your lifestyle choices (diet, environment, etc.)

There are many practitioners/doctors out there who will work with you to balance your body. Research your medications and talk with your doctor if you have any concerns.

Why do I share this?

Us drug spending alone is estimated to reach over 610 billion by the year of 2021.

My mission is to raise the vibration of the world, wake you up and help you to walk into your happy place!



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