My Awakening

Over the past five years, I have questioned many things. As I question, the answers seem to find me. After hitting rock bottom in my life, I began to question what life is about. Are constant cycles of suffering the norm? Am I supposed to continuously live in a state of unhappiness and then die? Is working forty-hour work weeks just to pay the bills and sleep really living?  There just had to be more. I began to peel back the layers of my life so that I could see the bigger picture.

This journey of awakening has not been easy on my mental or body as everything I thought I knew was so far from the truth. The mind can have a hard time accepting anything other than what it has been taught or programmed to think.

As I began to incorporate more holistic techniques into my daily life as well as study, I began receiving what I call downloads. Information is dropped into my spirit and I have a knowing. Dealing with this has been an emotional roller coaster but it is only confirmation that it is time to step onto this path in my life. I have succeeded in incorporating holistic techniques to help me through my awakening transition.

I share my downloads with my husband and in part on my social media platforms. I have been doing this for years, but I feel as if I am neglecting humanity as I do not share my downloads (when I receive them) in full. I have been doing this because I felt others would not understand it. This is truth but also false because many are seeking answers just like I am and I could be the one to provide the answer if I would only share what is shared with me in spirit.

There are many things that are hard to express in words as they are vibratory to me, but I have created this blog as a way for me to communicate with those who are ready to walk into their fullest potential as well as open themselves up to “the knowing”.

As my abilities have enhanced, I have two choices, one, go nuts or two, go through the transition of awakening while still being able to communicate with others effectively. Just like everyone else, I encounter different energies throughout the day that can alter my mental state. Not to mention the unseen things that also alter our mental state. We will tap into this later.

I hid behind a hair blog for years and now I feel like a big ball of energy ready to share everything that is within to help others walk in their truth. It is not meant for me to keep this to myself and therefore I have silently self-inflicted torture upon myself by hiding behind other works. After years of wrecking my mental, I have decided to stop hiding and open myself up to talk about what is within me – publicly.

I am an intuitive empath that has a calling much bigger than what I have been doing for years. I am walking in it and with the information shared on this blog, you will soon be walking on your fulfilling path too.

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